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Virgin Mobile
Read more about how we've improved some of our clients' online leads and sales performance, and what those improvements meant in ROI terms.


ClickMaven was called in to dramatically increase the number of leads (and therefore revenue) generated through the Virgin Mobile website, while also increasing their Google ranking, which would in turn generate more traffic and more leads. We needed to focus on targeting their audience at specific stages in the buying cycle to increase the likelihood of generating leads, so we built landing pages to focus directly on those touch points. With this approach, the cost of acquiring each customer is a lot lower than starting from the brand awareness phase. Virgin Mobile has a strong brand and already had decent website traffic, but needed our help to harness those strengths in order to improve their lead generation.

Our solution to their need included two avenues: paid search and organic search.


Paid Search

In order to best qualify the leads, we focused on keyword themes around the phone models, the Virgin Mobile brand, and generic terms regarding phone contracts. We then created very targeted adgroups and landing pages for all the available phone models (depicting contracts and prepaid) in order to directly target searchers looking for those specific phone models and thereby generate leads. We also created secondary pages focusing on phone model specs to satisfy the users’ desire to research the phone models.

This method allowed us to minimise the need for a long search and buying process, and to reduce the process to two simple pages. Users never had to leave the process in order to do research, which increased the likelihood of completing the lead before navigating away from the landing page. Additional form measures were put in place to better qualify and improve the quality of the leads.

Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile

Organic Search

We improved a whole range of on-page factors on the Virgin Mobile website – from content to meta-data, fixing broken links, updating sitemaps and removing duplicate URLs. Doing this meant improving the website’s usability as well as Google’s ability to find and index each webpage. Many of these webpages had been inaccessible by the Google bot, so these improvements had a direct impact on favourably improving Virgin Mobile’s web ranking.

To accompany these website improvements, we also embarked on a link-building campaign to increase the traffic to the Virgin Mobile website. We provided articles specifically pertaining to the mobile phone industry, distributed them to relevant websites and linked them back to Virgin Mobile, which had a direct impact on traffic.


August 2013 to July 2014

In general, we reduced the time it took for users to find the phone models they were looking for. The on- and off-page changes improved the website’s overall ranking and increased traffic. By shortening the buying cycle, we empowered users to submit leads far quicker without leaving the process to research more information. Below are the improvements we saw:

Click-through rate (CTR)
This improvement was achieved by improving the ad relevance and creating tightly-themed adgroups.
Conversion rate
We improved the conversion rate by 591% because users found exactly what they were looking for on the relevant landing pages.
Cost per conversion
By identifying the right audience, it cost less to find the right customer.
Organic traffic
There was an increase of 31% due to optimising the on-page SEO elements and the link-building campaign.
Overall, the leads across all digital channels improved by 253%.

Interpreting the reduced web time

While the results show a reduction in time (-52%) spent on the Virgin Mobile website, with a higher bounce rate, these results should not be read negatively. In fact, they show that users required less time on fewer pages (-31%) on the website because they were more easily finding what they were searching for and converting faster.

Virgin Mobile
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