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4 Top AdWords Tips … because “Top 5” is sooooo 2016
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4 Top AdWords Tips … because “Top 5” is sooooo 2016
July 21, 2017 / ClickMaven

4 Top AdWords Tips … because “Top 5” is sooooo 2016

ClickMavens MD, Ferdie Bester, shares his "Top 4 digital marketing tips".

Ferdie Bester, the MD and “brain-father” behind ClickMaven, is a nerdy entrepreneurial old
soul. Never seeking the spotlight, but if you ever happen to run into him, you will understand how
ClickMaven is not your average company. We’re made up of the technicals, the eccentrics
and the perpetually, insatiably curious.

Although spelling (and singing) is not his strong suits - yes we went there, he has collected a
wealth of handy tips & tricks, a few philosophical soliloquies and even
some involuntary (although not altogether unexpected) releases of insight.

Anyway, because we’re geeks and love sharing cool stuff, we thought we’d put together a list
of his “Top 4 digital marketing tips”.

Why only 4? Well because “Top 5 Tips” is sooooo 2016

Use ‘em, don’t use ‘em, up to you, but we promise they’ll be more valuable to you than the 8
mins it takes to read ‘em.

4 Top Adwords Tips

Tip 1:  How to measure leads, opportunities, and revenue.

So this process is a process in itself - (“Geez Thanks, Ferdie!”)

1. Enable auto tagging in AdWords.
2. Capture the Google Click ID in your website form.
3. Pass to a field in your CRM system.
4. Wait a few days for your sales team to service the leads.
5. Export the data and upload it back into AdWords.

After a few hours, you will have lead, opportunity, sales and revenue data mapped
back to keywords and ads.

Tip 2: How to lower your AdWords CPC

Are your AdWords Search Network CPC’s insanely high?
By insanely high we mean more than R50 or $10 per click? You will definitely need
this tip.

1. Advertise on the Google Display Network (±R7 CPC) and Facebook (±R4 CPC)
2. Build a remarketing list in AdWords of all the above visitors.
3. Only show AdWords Search Network ads to the remarketing list.

And there you go, this will lower your CPC’s with brand recognition as an added

Tip 3: AdWords Campaigns in South Africa competing with international advertisers.

If you’re running an AdWords campaign from South Africa and competing with
international advertisers, remember that all auctions happen in USD.

So check your rankings regularly! The uncertainty of the ZAR and depreciation may
have an enormous effect on campaign spending. That 8% lower bid could be the
difference between winning and losing.

Tip 4: Know and manage your client’s expectations.

Digital is continuously changing. Know your client’s business inside out, they always
know best. They know their product, strategy, financial position, strengths, and

All we can do is to ask questions to create awareness, add structure, provide
information, manage risk and execute.

And there you have it, that’s Ferdie’s 4 top tips. If you do them and make lots more money
come buy us coffee sometime or if you want to know more, get in touch.

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