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Google’s Mobile First Index Crash Course
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Google’s Mobile First Index Crash Course
July 27, 2017 / ClickMaven

Google’s Mobile First Index Crash Course

Google is rolling out a new mobile-first index. Here's everything we know about the Google mobile-first index.

Google’s announcement of mobile first index has everyone scrambling to actually understand the implications of Google’s grand move. In order to fully understand the implications, we’ve put together a crash course guide explaining the nitty gritty. Here we will discuss what mobile first index is, when it is set to launch and the implications for your business.

1.What is mobile first index?
Google has seen a major shift of searches being accessed via mobile devices. With this shift Google has had to jump onto this trend and offer services for mobile first. Mobile first index means that Google will be arranging search results based on mobile version of websites first, only indexing desktop versions, when there is no mobile version to index. This means that searches conducted on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile will all be present with the same mobile first index.

2.When is Google set to launch?
If you haven’t already seen this shift with results from current clients, and already starting building for mobile first, don’t worry you still have time. Google has not officially released a launch date yet. Rumours suggest that the launch date is still set to be many moons away but being ready for when the giant strikes is never a bad thing.

3.What are the implications for your business?
If you don’t have a mobile site, its time to get building. Currently, non-mobile response friendly sites continue to rank poorly compared to mobile friendly competitors. So get at it and get at it quick!

If you have a mobile friendly site, its time to start optimising. Start by checking loading times. Quick loading times give users the best experience. Specific content is key. Remember mobile devices have smaller screens and squashing content in will create a negative experience for users. Get to the point and maximize on the quality of content, not necessarily the amount of content. Lastly, check that your mobile content is being indexed correctly. This is probably the most important implication for being mobile first.

If you aren’t started the mobile conversation yet, lets chat.

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