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Google’s New AdWords Dashboards
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Google’s New AdWords Dashboards
September 14, 2017 / ClickMaven

Google’s New AdWords Dashboards

Google has officially launched their new AdWords dashboard. The new panoramic display includes a consolidated and comprehensive view of your data.

Any digital marketing agency will agree, that end of month reporting for clients reap all kinds of havoc. Considering we are a data centric agency, our reporting standards are of the utmost importance for our clients. We have, however, developed our reporting capabilities over the years to be effective and as efficient as possible. This has allowed us to spend more time identifying opportunities on our paid media platforms.

Although dashboards are no stranger to our home field, we are super excited as Google has officially rolled out their AdWords dashboards. This panoramic view of your data brings together reports and insights about your business/clients in a slick and easy to interpret format.

Check out the format below:

AdWords Dashbaord


The top three things we love about the new AdWords dashboards are:

1) Customisation of your data metrics.
AdWords grants you the flexibility to customise your dashboard to suit your specific metric needs. This includes generating, tables, charts and specific date ranges to your heart’s content.

2) Reporting in one place.
We know how frustrating it is to have to pull reports and data metrics from a myriad of different sources. AdWords has consolidated everything into one place, with one view. You are easily able to generate your impressions and clicks side-by-side and even include specific devices.

3) Team sharing.
This by far is the best feature yet. Multiple team members are able to view the same dashboards! Easy access allows for metrics to be pulled at any time. This allows teams to collaborate and access data from the same source in real time.

We definitely give Google’s AdWords dashboard a thumbs up! If you are struggling with metrics and understanding reports, let’s get in touch.

Source Google: https://adwords.googleblog.com/

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