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The Importance Of Digital For NPO’s
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The Importance Of Digital For NPO’s
July 13, 2017 / ClickMaven

The Importance Of Digital For NPO’s

To celebrate Mandela Month we thought it would be fitting to do a blog post on the importance of digital for NPO’s.

NPO’s are probably one of the most rewarding but hardest sectors to be involved in. You are faced with the daily challenges of making a difference for someone in need while trying to find funds from willing donors. The more funds you receive the more lives you can change. It seems like a simple equation, but implementing this strategy without the correct tools can seem extremely challenging and time-consuming. This is where digital has changed the face of NPO marketing for the greater good and most NPO’s are not even aware of it.

So you are probably thinking how has digital transformed the NPO space? A recent quick example relates back to the the #KnysaFires about 2 months ago. With the likes of social media and the massive concerned response from the public, big corporations such as DHL were able to jump onto the crisis and assist resources to help. Digital transformed the notion of donating, by making donation points accessible to everyone. DHL assisted by transporting supplies from all over South Africa for free. This great but simple example showed how #KnysaFires were able to tackle an extreme crisis within the digital sphere.

NPO’s can learn a lot from the #KnysaFires and the importance of being completely digitally emerged. We have put together a digital checklist all NPO’s should be implementing in order to start creating a digital presence and digital audience.

Nelson Mandela Day

1) Are you on social media?
Creating a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account is easier than learning how to tie your shoe laces. If you are wanting to reach potential donors you have to be where they are, and let’s face it everyone is on social media, even your neighbour’s cat.

2) Do you have a social media presence?
Having a school media account is a great start, but without compelling relatable content, your social media presence is definitely going to be overlooked. Make sure your social media presence is heard. Be creative with your content. Let people know about events taking place, or even start an online crowdfunding event. The opportunities are endless. 

3) Are you making use of paid digital advertising?
Paid digital advertising is making use of Facebook, Google, Twitter and the likes of LinkedIn to advertise on social platforms and search engines. Specific campaigns are born on these channels, where results and conversions are tracked and measured. The amazing aspect of paid digital advertising is that NPO’s have the ability to set daily and monthly budgets. This helps creates a solid budget for NPO’s which is beneficial when dealing with limited funding. This aspect of advertising also allows specific audience targeting and reaching potential donors not only in South Africa but globally.

The above is just the start to creating a digital presence for your NPO. Starting to create a presence is important. Being where your audience is, is vital. Being digitally emerged can create endless opportunities but also has the potential to go very wrong. It is important to remember that, what is posted on the internet, stays on the internet. Be wise with posts and remember your objectives and goals. If you keep that in mind, you have the potential to own your digital space.

Happy posting!

If you are struggling for idea’s on how you can spend 67 minutes this Mandela Day check out www.forgood.co.za for some great initiatives.


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