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September 07, 2017 / ClickMaven


Create A/B split and multivariate tests with minimal IT help.

While Virtual Website Optimiser (VWO) is not a new term, it is however the latest trend to hit the digital marketing sphere. VWO is a website testing platform that analyses web activity, by trying to understand how website visitors engage with digital platform properties. By optimising websites, digital marketers are able to increase conversion rates.

While this concept has been around the block for years, the difficulty most organisations find themselves in, is the ability to be able to change a website design and layout quickly and efficiently without having to essentially hack the back-end of the actual website (which more often than not breaks the actual website).

VWO solves this problem by offering a cut and paste testing solution that requires no coding knowledge or back-end tampering. This all-in-one optimisation suite includes:

Highly effective A/B testing
Multivariate testing
Behavioural targeting
Heat map testing solutions

If this concept is still a bit tricky for you to understand, have a quick look at the video below:

We love that VWO is used by more than 3,600 brands including companies such as Microsoft, General Electric, and American Red Cross. Brands are able to truly walk in the shoes of the consumer, understand the ‘why’ factor, with a program that offers reliable infrastructure, and even has the ability to handle billions of events per hour (that is pretty amazing).

If you like VWO as much as we do and want to increase conversion rates then let’s get in touch. Give us a call on 011 726 1074 or contact us here.

Source: VWO

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