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Performance Media
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Performance Media
Media planning and buying to generate leads


We take a performance orientated approach to buying media.
100% of the budget goes towards measurable goals.


We have over 9 years of experience generating leads.
Our media plans are optimised for conversions.
Our ROI tracking is solid and optimisation is based on data.
We go further with conversion page optimisation.

The digital media channels we use


Programmatic Media Buying

Programmatic buying offers the ability to target your specific audience early in the buying cycle.  Data providers like Oracle Bluekai offer access to specific audiences and interests which will overlap with your requirements.

We can target, for example
• People interested in life insurance
• People interested in buying a BMW
• People who watch True Detective or Gray’s Anatomy

The local and domestic inventory, bidding strategies and audience management make this very compelling if you operate in a highly competitive industry.

We use Google DoubleClick Bid Manager to access inventory and 1st and 3rd party data.


Google AdWords

Google AdWords is still important because it’s a decisive cog in the digital performance marketing workflow – you can’t get qualified leads without quality traffic.

Our AdWords experts (with over 10 years of combined experience) know what to show, where to show it, and who to show it to.
They dream about quality scores, bounce rates, SDK and impression share stats.


LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn offers highly targeted B2B advertising. You can segment your target audience based on their industry, position, job level, location, and expertise.

This platform is excellent at distributing content to very specific decision makers.


Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s 11 million-strong South African user base provides a massive audience for advertisers to target.

Facebook users’ preferences are constantly being reinforced by the information they provide and by the content they like and share. This allows advertisers to tap into an already segmented audience.


Twitter Advertising

There is a high volume of product and service activity on Twitter, which means advertisers benefit from a broad reach across this busy platform.

Twitter is famous for its ability to drive engagement and quickly grow target audiences, thereby further improving ad reach.

Improve your campaigns by up to 50%

Our combination of media and conversion optimisation expertise drives results.
Our pricing model (part fixed fees, part performance fees) aligns our success with yours.

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